Virtual Session Testimonial

Had no idea what to expect from a virtual healing session with Linda but just like her in person body work sessions I soon felt my mind quieting, calming down and the tension in my body totally releasing. It was an amazing experience! Traci D

Virtual SessionTestimonial
I had no idea how powerful and healing a virtual session could be but I feel a big change in me. I am less stressed, calmer, better in touch with my feelings, feel surrounded by love, hopeful and stronger as a person. Linda, thank you so much for sharing your gift with me! I'm so grateful and better able to handle this major challenge facing me now. Nancy L 

Virtual SessionTestimonial
Linda, While I rarely post testimonials, this is an exception. Working with you today in a virtual session was so healing! I felt calmer, more peaceful and hopeful and the pain was nearly gone! Your intuitive energy and ability to transmit the light, love and positivity we all require, especially in these difficult times, are valued gifts. Working with you for many years now has allowed me to develop both spiritually and energetically. Your intuitive gifts are an asset to mankind.
My prayer is that others will also benefit from your gifts and hold virtual sessions with you.
In love and light,
Leslie W

Distance Reiki Testimonial
I have been a beneficiary of Linda Mitchell’s amazing Reiki gift. Gift is the perfect word for the phenomenon Linda renders. She has performed this amazing healing modality from a distance for me on several occasions. I am battling brain cancer and sometimes the pain is debilitating. Each time, Linda has given me the few actual pain-free days I have had. She truly knows her craft and practices it beautifully. It comes not from her hands, but from her heard, so it is done perfectly
Diane L. 

Coaching Services Testimonials

I came to Linda after a long period of being frustrated with a work situation. My job, once a source of energy and pride, had devolved into an uncomfortable environment leaving me drained and unhappy. My discontent spilled into my personal life and even my husband knew I needed a new job, so I reached out to Linda for help. Through her guidance I was able to see what was impeding my progress to action. We developed a personalized plan of steps that I needed to take to get “unstuck.” Linda was an ideal coach—creating an open, collaborative environment to help me identify better strategies for dealing with negative individuals and situations; holding me accountable to commitments I made to others and myself; guiding me with resources to progress my goals; and most importantly, offering honest feedback as obstacles came up on my journey.

In a relatively short span of time, I successfully achieved my number one goal of finding a new job; however, even more significantly, through Linda’s coaching, I attained the knowledge and tools to navigate future challenges whether they are career or personal. I am tremendously grateful for Linda’s expertise and highly recommend her life coaching services.   

Linda D.

I highly recommend Linda Mitchell to anyone who is ready to make a meaningful change in their life.  She is truly talented at her craft and helped me to identify what was constraining my personal and professional success.  After my work with Linda, I was promoted to a position that I never thought would have been attainable for me.     

Nicole S.

Linda helped me listen deeply to my body. For the first time in a long time my body felt heard. Because it felt heard it felt like I could allow it to release. It was so cleansing! She shared a tremendous amount of information with love and compassion! I processed so much. I released so much of the old stuff that was keeping me stuck. I know I can use what was revealed in a way that will help me deepen my healing so that I can continue to be in this new state of pain relief! I am excited to see what else my body will now be allowed to release. I truly learned to listen, allow and release! It was so healing!   

Valerie C.

Prior to our work, I was lacking confidence.  Early in my career I had an abundance of confidence, but after getting married, having three children and juggling family & career I lost my confidence and what was next for me.  After working with Linda, I feel as though I have stepped into a new dimension of myself which is confident, yet humble and kind. I’m so glad I overcame the fear of doing this work - it was powerful!   

Terry S.


My biggest take-away was that it was me standing in the way of my personal growth, career growth, success & happiness! After recognizing this, everything changed for me.  Linda helped me step into my own personal power without being overbearing or unkind.  I have so much more joy and peace in my life and finally feel fulfilled.

Gina F.


As a result of working together, I have become increasingly self-aware.  The only control I have is the way I react/respond to a situation.  This has been so powerful for me.  My relationship with my Mom and her husband has taken on a new level.  I have been able to let go of things that have happened in the past.  Professionally, I have gained confidence and recognize that I deserve to be recognized for my hard work and contributions.  I recognized that it is ok to ask for what I want.     

Sheila L.    

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