• Three, Six and Twelve Month Coaching Packages 
  • VIP Day Coaching Package   (individual and group)
  • Virtual and Long Distant Healing Sessions  (see toolbox links below for details)
  • Meditation Instruction and Guided Meditation Sessions  (individual and group)  
  • Corporate Workshops, Breakout Sessions and Speaking (see speaker page for details)

   ALL SERVICES AVAILABLE via phone, Zoom or other internet connection as well as in person       

                          Unique and challenging times call for a pivot of perspective, no?                               

Are you looking for the gift in the pause? 
The Calm in the Chaos?
This pivot made me realize this is a very good time to provide other forms of help and services to you!

Discover a personalized VIRTUAL healing session with me from the menu of choices below OR choose my pre-set session 

using the most popular options that people have been finding incredibly helpful in stressful times. 

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For detailed information click the links below:

                              Calming Guided Meditation                         Self/Partner Massage Lessons                                             EFT Tapping

                                         Reiki Healing                                                   Life Transition Coaching                                        Healing from the Core

                               Akashic Records Readings                                 Distance Energy Healings                                            Chakra Balancing

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Twice a month personal coaching sessions for you where we will lift you up and help you clear your blocks so you are able to move forward with ease.

Our first session will be all about you. you’re going to tell me what your biggest challenges are and what you truly want in your life or career. We’ll get to know each other better and we will help you get clarity about your goals and the best steps to take to achieve them.

Next, we’ll do an assessment to help you take stock of where you are now in your life or career to help you see the possibilities available to you. We will begin to map out your vision of where you truly want to go and how to get there.

During your second month of the coaching program, you’ll experience a groundbreaking technique that will help you identify and begin to release the cause of your struggles and create a new framework for success. You’ll be amazed at how this will make it so much easier to make the changes you want in your life.

I’ll also guide you through a profound transformation that is all about letting go on a really deep level of everything that is holding you back so you can truly move in to creating your goals with more grace than ever before.

For the icing on the cake, you’ll also learn a life-changing exercise that will literally help you be full of energy and vitality. We’re going to delve deep and help you activate the secret to really attracting what you want and being able to feel good every day.

Plus you will also receive valuable bonuses.


45 minute Bonus Session After you’ve completed this wonderful three-month coaching package, you will get an additional 45 minute one on one personal coaching sessions with me to continue to support you in achieving your new goals!

A Beautiful 3 Month Success Journal that will deepen your growth and everything you are learning in your coaching sessions!

Your Fantastic Future Design Guide is formulated exclusively to provide you with profound success during this valuable 3 month coaching package and help you make your dreams a reality!

An Excellent Daily Guided Meditation MP3 you can use every day to keep on track and feel great!

Six-Month Coaching packages also available. Contact me to learn more details about this exiting informational six month package as well as the juicy bonuses included.

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Free Strategy Session

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Most sessions conducted via Zoom, phone or in person as desired by client.

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